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We specialize in business hosted solutions such as:

  • Managed services hosted off-site.
  • Off-site backup ensures your data is safe and secure.
  • Spam and antivirus filtering makes sure the bad guys stay out of your network and your inbox.
  • Website devlopment and hosting can offer your busines the exposure the internet has to offer.

About Us

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  • Off-Site Backup.
  • Fax Servers.
  • Hot sites.
  • Data Replication.
  • Web-hosting/Design
  • Email Hosting
  • DNS Hosting
  • SMTP relaying
  • Virtual Servers
  • Rack Space
  • Server Rental

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  • May, 2009

    We are now offering the ability to send mass mailings and newsletters, call to get setup and keep in contact with your clients.

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  • May, 2009

    We are launching our new webmail interface. Log in with your same username and password.

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Name: Imminent Data

Phone: 918 770 8499